The Rich History Behind Birmingham Taxis

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Of all the symbols that the Great Britain is known for, a significant one is the black taxi cab that ferries in London. Ever wondered why this black cab of London is so valued around the world that it is termed as one of the symbols of the city? Well, the special taxis that are available for the rentals in London have actually originated from Birmingham. Here is the rich history behind the origin and the motorized version of the Birmingham Taxis that is now known all over the world.

Way back in 1910, a businessman from the West Midlands, by the name of David Wright bought in the concept of the motorized cabs instead of the slow horse drawn cabs. These motorized cabs later came to be known as the Birmingham Taxis. In fact since then, Birmingham became known to the world as the innovator for the business of motors and the motorized cars.

If you are outside the UK and are planning to make a quick trip to the country, make sure to also plan a day trip to the city of Birmingham. You can always hire the Birmingham taxis and explore the downtown and the suburbs for sure.